Understanding Quality Function Deployment (QFD) methodology to succeed in new product introduction

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Most of the new product introductions fail due to disconnect between Voice of Customer (VOC) and Voice of Process (VOP). Quality Function Deployment (QFD) helps in establishing correlation between VOC and VOP and that of competition positions in the given business. It is an iterative process through which the processes are prioritized and honed to meet the customer delight in new Product Creation Process (PCP).

It is a management system that is simple yet effective. It is a tracking structure that puts customer’s needs and expectations as a priority over mere product development. The aim of Quality Function Deployment or QFD is to meet the standards and expectations that the customers employ and help realize that by keeping customers first throughout the designing processes of products or services.

The benefits of quality function deployment are that you never lose sight of the customer’s internal or external voices even after the commodity’s lifecycle and continue improving upon it.

Learning Objectives 
Participants shall acquire the knowledge of systematically understanding the correlation between customer requirements and process capabilities and prepare a blueprint of gap analysis through :

  •  Understanding customer product demands/requirements and their interaction to respective design elements.
  •  Translating customer requirements into technical design requirements.
  •  Quantifying the importance of both customer and technical requirements. 
  •  Identifying the critical features and performance requirements for processes and designs.
  •  Identifying key drivers of customer satisfaction.

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