Quality Management (QM)

1. Course Objectives

Total quality management (TQM) is a philosophy, methodology and system of tools aimed to create and maintain mechanism of organization’s continuous improvement. It involves all departments and employees into improvement of processes and products. It helps to reduce costs and to meet and exceed needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders of an organization. TQM encompasses the concepts of business and social excellence that is sustainable approach to organization’s competition, efficiency improvement, leadership and partnership.

The objectives of this course is to introduce the main principles of business and social excellence, to generate knowledge and skills of students to use models and quality management methodology for the implementation of total quality management in any sphere of business and public sector.

The purpose of this course is to prepare participants to be able to:

  • Know business excellence models and be able to assess an organization’s performance making reference to their criteria.
  • Know the principles of total quality management and the peculiarities of their implementation.
  • Be able to use quality management methods analyzing and solving problems of organization.
  • Know prerequisites of the evolution of total quality management and significance of quality gurus’ works to the management of modern organizations.

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